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Can I bring my minor child with me?
Of course you can! Children under 18 are accepted with a responsible attendant. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are in this case:

Is the bus accessible to people with reduced mobility?
Unfortunately, the bus is not wheelchair accessible because the aisles are too narrow. For any other handicap, we must find a way to accommodate you: before booking, please contact us to discuss it!

What are the dimensions of the bus (sleeping area and ceiling height)?
The beds measure 70 x 190 cm. The circulation on board is done in the central corridor which measures 1m90 high.

Can I join you in the middle of the week?
Unfortunately this is not possible. Reservations are made by the week to allow travelers on board to improvise their stopovers during the week. So we have no way of knowing where we are in the middle of the week.

What documents do I need to get on board?
If you live in the European Union:
To travel to France or within the European Union, you must be in possession of your national identity card or your valid passport.
For your trips outside France, we also advise you to bring your European health insurance card.
As travel insurance is not included in the package, we also recommend that you have one for cancellation, luggage and assistance (see below for insurance).
For non-French nationals or dual nationals, we invite you to consult the embassy of the countries of destination.

If you are not a resident of the European Union:
To travel to France or within the European Union, you must be in possession of a valid passport and in some cases a visa. You will not be able to embark without these documents, so we advise you to check with your embassy and the embassy of the country of destination.

Health formalities:
We have no particular restrictions in this area. However, we advise you to be up to date with the basic vaccinations and to check the health formalities in the country of destination:

Do I need to take out insurance?
Travel insurance is not included in the package. We strongly advise you to take out insurance: within 48 hours for cancellation / multi-risk / additional CB formulas; and until the day before departure for assistance only. We work with Chapka insurance which offers you different formulas adapted to our trips, according to your needs:

What happens if I cancel due to COVID19?
In these uncertain times, if you are forced to cancel your stay due to COVID 19, you will receive a credit for the amount of the reservation, to be used within 24 months of the original reservation date. If, on our side, we are forced to cancel our trips, you will be reimbursed without any penalty.

What measures are in place against COVID 19?
We ask you to come on D-Day with a certificate on the honor that you have or have not had any symptoms in the 7 days prior to departure. And we will ask you to wear a mask outside the bus.

We have put in place all the necessary security measures to maintain a safe environment for everyone. The bus will be fully cleaned to government recommended hygiene standards so that you can enjoy the experience safely.

Social distancing being more complicated to apply in our case, we nevertheless arranged the beds from head to toe, displayed the sanitary prescriptions on board, provided hydro-alcoholic gel at the entrance and inside the accommodation. . The bus also has good ventilation and all sheets, dishes and linens will be washed between each stay.

On your side, you must be in possession of mask (s) when you board the bus.

If you have any questions regarding these measures or your stay, you can contact us at

Where and when am I picked up and dropped off?
In general, travelers will be picked up from the airport in the city of departure and dropped off at the airport in the city of arrival at the end of their stay.

Departure will generally be at 5 p.m. but this time will be confirmed by message (do not hesitate to write to us if you do not receive a message 24 hours before departure).


Are meals included?
Breakfast is included. It's self-service.

In addition, your participation in the common potluck for one meal per day is included in the price. This means that MagicBus is responsible for shopping but not for preparing the meal and cleaning the dishes. It's a friendly atmosphere, we will cook together!

Is there a Vegan option?
Unfortunately, since vegan cooking is a restrictive practice and not everyone is familiar with it, we do not offer a vegan option. However, if you are vegan, you are welcome on board: you will still have access to a self-service breakfast and a fully equipped kitchen to cook delicious meals. Of course, we will deduct your participation in the potluck from your price.

How does a week on board work?
Before the big departure, about a week before, a Whatsapp conversation will be created with all the travelers registered in the same week as you. This way we can send you information and you can also start talking to your future traveling companions.

On the first day, you will be picked up from the airport in your departure city around 5 p.m. (time to be confirmed via WhatsApp). You can then get to know your fellow travelers. Then we all sit down together to decide on the meals for the week according to everyone's tastes. With a shopping list in our pockets, we'll go straight to the welcome party!

On the second day we will start with shopping: MagicBus takes care of one meal per day and breakfast. Once the formalities are completed, it's time for adventure!

Every two days we will head to different places and landscapes at our leisure. The next day's destinations will be determined by voting with all passengers on board. You will have the opportunity to relax on the terrace, to go hiking, to taste the local specialties, to visit a vineyard, to discover farms, to meet the locals, and even to use all the equipment on board at your way: canoeing, surfing, skateboarding, board games, books, etc... The programme is however flexible and depends on the availability of our partners.

On the last day, you will be dropped off at the airport in the city of arrival around 10 a.m. And we will leave ... sad, but happy to have had this experience with you!


My name is Lisette.
I will be your driver and
and will answer your queries during this stay,
from A to Z.
See you soon !

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