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05/06 to 11/06/2022

Welcome to MagicBus and Perma Social Club for this week focused on agroecology and permaculture.

In collaboration with Lisette from MagicBus, we  board you on a completely redesigned bus, to  a unique stay combining authenticity, freedom and human experience.

Here is a week fully organized and filled with activities for you to discover some nuggets of the South.  

This trip will take you to meet an ecovillage, make you candles at a beekeeper  organic, taste local beers from the spring water of the village, do yoga in 

in the vineyard,  taste organic wine in a magnificent estate...  


And that's not all ! You will also enjoy nature moments: Lac du Salagou, Plaine des Maures,  some beaches...  In short, a week full of discoveries and surprises!

My name is Lisette.
I will be your driver
and will answer present
during this stay,
from A to Z.
See you soon !

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Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 15.11.08.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 15.11.08.png



  • Tea, coffee and beer welcome!

  • Transport from Toulouse to Nice aboard the MagicBus

  • Accommodation in the comfortable MagicBus for 6 nights  : 8 bunk beds, equipped kitchen, bathroom and toilets, sheets,  shower gel and shampoo ​

  • Breakfasts and dinners on board the bus and your last dinner at the winegrower's table  

  • Laundry services: you benefit from a washing machine on board

  • Activities :
    - meetings with local producers,
    - visits to permaculture farms,
    - visit of an eco-hamlet,
    - creation and tasting workshop with a beekeeper,
    - visit and tasting in a brewery and in an organic vineyard, - yoga in the middle of nature,
    - hiking, swimming...

  • The equipment available on board: canoe, kayak, skateboard, board and outdoor games, etc...


  • Transport to and from the bus

  • Rental of equipment other than that which is on board

  • Lunches and drinks

  • Travel insurance  

  • Tips  

  • Bath towel

  • Any other item not listed above 




€1076 €969/pers for 7 days and 6 nights.

With friends, family, solo... You  can book the MagicBus for this stay between 05/06 and 11/06/2022.


Day 1




Toulouse - Welcome aboard!  


The big departure will take place at Toulouse airport at 4 p.m. You will discover the bus which will accompany you throughout the stay and which will also be your accommodation.


We will then go to the place where we are going to spend the night, and over a drink and a good meal, we will take the opportunity to get to know each other, if you have not booked the bus together!


This end of the day will be devoted to the splendid Château de Gaure. A nugget that we recently discovered and that we are going to share with you!


This biodynamic family wine estate is run today by artist winemaker Pierre Fabre, who describes himself as a “creator of emotion”; on the program, visit of the estate with a walk in the vineyards and discovery of the wine cellar and tasting of its organic and natural wines.


For dinner, our taste buds will sing with a meal specially prepared by the hosts of the estate, Benoît and Thérèse.  


And icing on the cake: we will sleep directly in the heart of the domain, aboard MagicBus.


A very promising first night on board!

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 15.11.08.png
magicbus inbus5.jpg

Day 2  



Salagou Lake

Salagou Lake  

We will start in the magnificent Château de Gaure and head towards Lac du Salagou for a nature day!


A protected site, the lake is one of the great emblematic landscapes of France, with its canyons, ideal for hiking and swimming.


You can laze around or take advantage of the nautical activities available.


A rather quiet day and evening before filling up with activities the next day!

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 15.11.08.png
Photo salagou.png

Day 3  



Hérault Valley

Le Salagou and Saint-Guilhem differently


We will wake up at Lac du Salagou for a short mountain bike ride in this great natural and protected site!


Then head to St Guilhem-le-désert, one of the most beautiful villages in France! We invite you to experience this mythical place differently...


Our first stop will take us to the brasserie La Làsarde.

A somewhat special brewery since their beers are made from spring water flowing in the village, and we will be welcomed there for a visit and tasting!

A nice aperitif will be waiting for us and you will also have the possibility to eat on site.  


We will then go to Mathieu and Marion, the Apis Sophia beekeeper, where we will discover behind the scenes of their profession; meeting bees, candle-making workshop, blind tasting of honey...  


We will spend the night with our friends from the Oasis Citadine, a collaborative urban permaculture farm welcoming a committed collective. At the Oasis, after a short visit of the premises, we will end the day in style, with a local beer, or even brewed on site!


And as usual, we will enjoy a meal on board the MagicBus – a convivial evening in perspective!

Perma Social Club - apiculture.jpg
Beer Flight

Day 4


Hérault valley

Urban Farm and Petite Camargue

After a good breakfast with a view of the vineyards, we will do a short yoga session with David: permaculturist, agricultural engineer and yoga teacher.


Departure at 9 a.m. for the Camargue!

We reassure you, this is the only day we will get up so early.


Direction the Mas de la Comtesse: a manade located on the banks of the Canal du Rhône à Sète where we will visit the premises in a horse-drawn carriage, attend a demonstration of "sorting" and even taste products from family production. Bulls, horses and arenas, it's all there!


But you couldn't pass through the Camargue without stopping at the salt marshes.

We will therefore go for a digestive walk in the southern salt marshes.


We will prepare our meal on board MagicBus and enjoy a convivial evening overlooking the vineyards and the vegetable garden.


And finally, direction Marseille to reach the place where we will spend the night. 

Mas de la comtesse.png

Day 5  




Nature hike and eco-hamlet

Nature hike and eco-hamlet   


After breakfast on the terrace of the MagicBus, we will start the day with a short walk in the Plaine des Maures to fill up with nature!


Then we will meet a group of families living in participatory habitats: an eco-hamlet.

At the Bois de Brindille, we will have the opportunity to visit self-built and eco-built habitats, share a meal with their inhabitants and perhaps even take part in a participatory worksite (depending on the activity at the time).


We will have the privilege of sleeping directly on site to enjoy this little corner of paradise and its inhabitants.

Eco Hameau Bois Brindille.jpeg
EcoHameau Bois de Brindille3.png

Day 6  




Cagnes sur mer

Vegetable farm in permaculture


Wake up at the eco-hamlet for a well-deserved breakfast, then head to La Ferme des Deux Choux.


You will be welcomed by Laurence who, from a wasteland, has set up a farm on the principles of permaculture. Settled here 2 years ago, she produces, among other things, colored eggs, a permaculture vegetable garden, an edible forest...


In the afternoon: chill!

We will go for a walk on the beach, enjoy the fresh air and why not swim, before heading to the place where we will spend our last night. 

Ferme des deux choux3.png
Ferme des deux choux.png

Day 7





Brunch and hug in Nice  

And that's it, it's already the end!

A good Sunday brunch will be in order to say goodbye properly.


Then we will take the road again to arrive at Nice airport at 1 p.m. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 15.11.08.png


€1076 €969/pers for 7 days and 6 nights.

With friends, family, solo... You  can book the MagicBus for this stay between 05/06 and 11/06/2022.

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