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Double occupancy, comfort price

By default, the regular price for this tour involves hotel rooms based on double occupancy. If you register alone, you will end up sharing hotel rooms with another participant of the same gender. These rooms always have two separate beds, with a private bathroom for the bedroom. If there is ever an odd number of participants of the same gender, it may be that a person is left alone without sharing their room. If so, your guide could rotate each night so that different participants enjoy the private room on different nights.

Single room supplement

Participants who choose this option will have a guaranteed private room each night. In some hotels the rooms will be the same as the shared rooms, while other hotels will have single rooms with a single bed.

Room sharing discount

You agree with the possibility of sharing the room with a participant of another gender. Or, you sign up with someone you still share the room with.

The intention of this discount is to encourage more participants to share rooms. By default, participants who register solo will be paired with other solo participants of the same gender. There is therefore the possibility of always having two rooms for single occupancy if there is an odd number of men and women. This possibility decreases if participants agree that they can be paired with another solo participant, regardless of gender (you can be paired with a male or female) or if two friends sign up together and plan to do so. always share the same room. Rooms always have two separate beds by default, but couples can also request rooms with a queen bed.

City of origin discount

If you live in the city where the tour begins or ends, you don't necessarily need to spend the first or last night at a hotel near you. We want to encourage residents of these cities to participate, and therefore offer the possibility of a discount if you spend that night at your home. Accommodation in your city would therefore no longer be included, nor breakfast the next morning. Note that even if you do not spend the night there, the hotel remains the meeting point for meetings, dinners, and transfers of your luggage. This discount is only applicable to the departure or arrival cities, not to the stopover cities of the route. Please contact us for the discount amount that applies to your home city.

What is a twin room?

One of the basic criteria of the hotels on this tour is that they offer rooms with two separate beds. Usually both beds are “twin” size, which means each is large enough for one person (normally 90cm wide). Sometimes the two beds are "double" or "queen" (at least 160cm), while sometimes one bed is twin and the other double. The important detail to remember for twin rooms is that there are always two separate beds for the two participants sharing the room.

Quality of accommodation

The hotels on the course have been chosen according to certain criteria in order to better accommodate our cycling group. In general, we are lodged in hotels with three stars, with the possibility of four or two stars. In each case, the hotel is clean, with two separate beds in the shared rooms, and always with the private bathroom in the room. In Carcassonne, the hotel is rated two stars. In Montpellier, the apartment-hotel is rated four stars. In general, the location of the hotel is excellent for exploring overnight towns. Breakfast is included at each hotel. Hotels normally have bicycle storage, while sometimes you bring your bikes to your room for the night.

Accommodation, budget option

In order to be able to offer a more affordable option, this tour includes a night in a hostel rather than a hotel in Carcassonne. The location is very similar, but the dormitory contains up to eight beds, ideally shared with other participants of our tour. The bathrooms are shared with other users of the hostel. Breakfast is included.

Budget participants must bring their own towels for that night, as well as for the last night at the Montpellier aparthotel.

Depending on availability, if our group has to occupy more than one hotel in Agde, comfort participants will have priority on the best rooms (although all are good, and are very close to the same beach!).

In Montpellier, in the event of an odd number of participants, some budget participants may share a triple suite with three beds.

Other than those details, the accommodations are the same.

Multiple tour discount

If you extend this round by adding a second round of the Grand Tour Cycliste, a 5% discount applies to both rounds. Thus, receive a discount of 6% if you participate in three tours, 7% for four, 8% for five, and a fixed price with a discount beyond 10% if you have the chance to do Le Grand Tour Cycliste in whole. These discounts of 5% to 8% are applied following the discounts for room sharing or city of origin. The room only supplement applies regardless of this multiple tour discount.

The Grand Tour Cycliste

For participants who want a longer cycling holiday, it is possible to link sections to create a longer tour. The luckiest participants who join for the 42 days of the Grand Tour Cycliste will ride some 2,400 km around France on 35 stages.

Covid-19 measures

Cycle tourism is, by definition, one of the best ways to travel while maintaining good physical distance for most of the day. Even if the support vehicle carrying your luggage can take you with your bicycle if the need arises, in principle you travel exclusively by bicycle for the duration of the tour.

The vast majority of the turn takes place in fairly rural parts of the country, far from high population densities which present a higher risk of transmission. The course was created almost entirely in a “green zone” where deconfinement was easier, thanks to the lower risks.

You can go by train to the city of departure, and leave by train from the city of arrival. SNCF ensures the health safety of its passengers with a strict mask-wearing protocol, and by frequent disinfection of trains and stations.

All the hotels on the course have been chosen, among other things, for their high standards of cleanliness. Establishments in the hospitality industry are required to adhere to strict hygiene standards if they are to remain open during a pandemic, and we will be required to follow established rules there.

Breakfasts are included at each hotel, but this assumes that each hotel will continue to offer breakfast throughout the season. Some establishments may decide to modify their offer in the face of the pandemic, and in this case we will provide you with an alternative. It may be that this alternative is a direct reimbursement of the price of the hotel's breakfast, or a breakfast could be provided to you by an external provider.

We want to include two group dinners in the cost of the tour, at the departure and arrival cities, to provide an opportunity for participants to meet at the start, and to celebrate the completion of the tour together. If we are unable to provide you with a restaurant where everyone can congregate while respecting physical distancing, that dinner will unfortunately be canceled and your budget for the dinner will be refunded.

The majority of the other meals on the tour are not included for the group, both to encourage you to explore towns and villages on the way, as well as to facilitate the dispersal of participants into small groups to ensure adequate distancing for participants. meal times.

Your guide will take care of your luggage transfers between hotels wearing disposable gloves. The luggage travels in the cargo space of the support van. The cabin of the support vehicle will be disinfected before welcoming a participant in need of transport (maximum of 1 or 2 passengers at a time), and when this happens, the wearing of a mask will be compulsory by your guide and by his / her passenger (s).

Despite all precautions, the reality of this new coronavirus is that it is impossible to reduce the risk of transmission to zero. The only way to eliminate the risk entirely is to stay at home and never interact with other people. We don't tend to think that the March scenario will happen again, but the French government may even force us all to confine ourselves again suddenly, and with little notice.

The need to return home overnight may arise. Where applicable, the Grand Tour Cycliste route has been developed to ensure proximity to the SNCF network almost every day, in order to offer participants the possibility of a quick return if necessary.


My name is Ryan and

I will be your cyclo-guide

during this stay. I will answer this from A to Z

to support you, provide you with the necessary assistance, and take care of

Your luggage.

See you soon !

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