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Updated: May 21, 2021

I have heard about blogging for years.

Everyone goes their own way saying: "You should get started, it's a great way to put your thoughts out there, learn how to develop a website ..."

But if I'm completely honest, I haven't taken the time to write regularly since I was a teenager, when I was keeping a diary!

My old frantic "expat" life in London helped me improve my English, but certainly not my French prose.

Though, when could I take the time cross-legged and in the middle of my tube-work-sleep routine?

But above all, what was I going to say?

This exercise is therefore completely new for me… I am faced with old apprehensions, not to say old fears, and not being up to the task.

But here I am a little forced into the creation of the Perma Social Club website, and surprisingly, subjects, themes come to mind easily...

My new life in Montpellier, my different trips whether they are here, within, or elsewhere, my quest for purpose, my charity actions and commitments, my failures and their rebounds, discoveries, permaculture and all that it implies, my professional career change, the world of tourism, my entrepreneurial career, the life of a local travel agent… life !

Then in these very special times, with the lockdown, I was able to take the reflect and face the blank page, do a little research and dig deep into my thoughts.

So, with a little courage, I embark on this crazy blogging adventure and tell myself that after all, I can only do my best!

I hope to transport you to new horizons and not get us lost along the way :)

Happy perma travels !

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